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Dow AgroSciences LLC -

A top-tier agricultural company providing innovative agrochemical and biotechnology solutions globally.

Medical Device Manufacturer -

A full service manufacturer of high precision plastic injection molds, custom molded plastic components and complete "turn-key" assemblies.

Plastic Feet -

Alliance Plastic's extensive standard product range has proved a great success over the years, providing products such as plastic end caps, plastic plugs, fasteners, and pipe protection. We are committed to delivering the valuable combination of quality products and helpful customer service.

Silicone Molding -

Competitive silicone manufacture that uses the combination of technology and quality offers custom engineering products and other advantageous features. Si-tech has resources and technology to support designs in any engineering venture.

Wastewater Systems -

Global Treat, Inc. is a licensed provider of field-erected treatment systems and ongoing support to manage your wastewater.